Minimum 2 days booking required for all vehicles. We don't provide cars for 1 day in Goa.
Minimum 2 days booking required for all vehicles. We don't provide cars for 1 day in Goa.

Pay Zero Delivery Fee on Your Next Car Rental During Your Visit in Goa

Those who have looked for car rentals services in Goa to get the best deal, know this for sure how hard it is to get a car on rent in Goa at a good price with minimum delivery fee. If you are one these people like me (who shops around a lot for best prices), you know for sure that how many calls, messages and comparisons it takes to get the best service at the lowest price and at zero delivery fee for booking.

Distribution of car rental companies in Goa

Some car rentals are located far from your arrival location and some are located nearby. Those located far sometimes give you the best price but they charge a fee to deliver the car at your doorstep or rather I would say at your arrival location or the hotel.

The car rental nearby you may not charge any delivery fee at all but they might be charging a little higher per day price. Now your goals remains to get the best deal out of it no matter where you need the car and when you need it. This situation becomes even more problematic depending on seasonal demand and peak season time, which also makes the prices to go up.

Getting the best deal with zero delivery fee on car rental in Goa

Now to get the best car rental provider with great prices and no delivery fees, take these proven tricks into consideration which have worked for a lot of travelers in Goa-

  • If you just arrived in Goa by a bus, train or flight, know the location name and search for nearby rental services
  • Get a nearby car rental provider to your location if you are staying at a hotel
  • Give call to a few and match their prices
  • Avoid getting a car rental from your hotel, they are generally more expensive
  • Avoid last minute bookings
  • Don’t forget to ask for delivery fee when you call

Now this research can be done with a little help of Google search, however here is a shortcut. If you know the location of your arrival then just pick the location from the list below, this will give you a full list of all cars on rent in Goa based on your location and match the prices for all providers and you can choose the best one-