How can I book a self drive car?

You can book a car by giving us a call or sending a message on whatsapp. We also have online booking process which you can use to book, give us a call and we will walk you through it.

How much do you charge for pickup from Dabolim and MOPA Airport?

If your booking are more than 7 days with us then there will be absolutely Zero additional cost for that. We will not charge for pickup from Dabolim and MOPA Airport in that case.

How much Self drive car companies charge for car Pickup from Goa Dabolim and MOPA Airport?

Generally a lot of car providers charge in a range of 500 INR to 1500 INR to bear the cost of driver and distance, but if you are our customer and booking your car more than 7 days with us, we will not charge any pickup fee.

What will happen if I return my car later than the decided drop-off time.

Generally we are very lineant with our customers so we do allow some extra margin time depending on the availablity of that car. However sometimes It’s not possible specially during high season time due to back to back bookings. Please give us a call to know how availability of that car looks like. 

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