Top 10 Best Car Rental companies in Goa in 2023

Here is a list of best car rental companies in Goa who has an amazing track record of good customer service and great reviews. Feel free to book your next self drive car from any one of them for best customer experience. 

This list is curated by our strict process to make sure you can choose from these without giving a second thought. 


Goa Car Booking

With a vast record of customers and with 60+ cars Goa Car Booking is one of the best car rentals in Goa. Goa Car Booking have been around since 2010 and have pioneered the rental car industry in Goa for a long time. They are specialized on Self driven cars mostly ranging from hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs and Thar rentals.Goa Car Booking has a speciality mostly in budget vehicles and they cover very small portion on luxury vehicles. With 4.3 star review as of writing date of this article and 157 ratings on Google, they are one of the best car rental providers in Goa.

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Zoya Car Rental

With a total of 77 reviews as of this writing and an aggregate of 4.9 stars, Zoya Car Rental is one of the really good car rental providers in Goa. They serve the market with their offerings in self drive car rental and taxi hiring segment. Zoya car rental is a very reliable car rental provider with very happy customer base and doorstep delivery. For some locations they charge for doorstep delivery.The best thing about zoya car rental is that they also provide refunds to some extent based on the booking and availability which makes them a go to choice for some of the customers with flexible plans.

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03 Car Rentals company’s story have been quite an interesting one. They started off in 2008 with most of their business being offline and managed with direct customer connection and direct calls. When the pandemic hit, they managed to put all of their business online with the help of right tools. With 120+ cars they are one of the best car rental providers in Goa. They are one of the most trusted car rental providers in Goa. also providers rental aggregation service, which means they have other good car rental companies listed with them who has proven track record of good service and customer base.

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King Kane Car Rental

king kane car rental

King Kane Car rental have been around for a long time in Goa. They provide cars in all segments starting from hatchbacks to luxury cars. The company office is located in Candolim, Goa and they always reserve their cars for tourist coming at Mopa Airport and Dabolim Airport. King Kane also provide taxis with driver and also have good collection of luxury cars in Goa.

With a total of 50 google reviews and 5.0 aggregate ratings, they are one of the best car rental providers in Goa. 

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Europcar Car Rentals

Europcar is a more of an international company for car rental. Other than just Goa, they are also known in other parts of the world for their car rental services. Although they have had some bad customer reviews in the past on tripadvisor with some alleged claims, they are overall a good rental provider. They are most preferred choice for international customers who already know their name in the car rental industry.

Europcar is a more managed car rental service with all the booking happening online using online payment methods, hence they become one of the best car rental providers with all type of cars under their management.

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S&S Tours & Travels

Established in 2007, S&S Tours and travels is unique in itself. They cover the customer base from self driven cars, taxi rentals, bus and full coach rentals to luxury car rentals in Goa. With an amazing track record of 209 reviews with 4.9 aggregate rating they are one of the best car rental providers in Goa.They also provide yacht rental and wedding and event photography with luxury and vintage cars, which makes them very unique from any other rental service. S&S Tours and Travels are a go to choice for self drive car rental, luxury car rental, special vehicles and for event photography.


Jazz Car Rental

With a wide variety of cars under their hood including some of the finest luxury cars, Jazz Car Rental is one of the really good car rental services in Goa. They offer easy options for hatchbacks, off road vehicles like Thar and also the cars in luxury segment. They are a go to choice for the people looking to hire a BMW and Audi cars at affordable prices. 

With a total of 21 reviews and 3.8 stars on google, they are a pretty good choice for car hire in Goa.

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Lime Car Rental

Lime car is an online well managed car rental company with a wide range of cars available under their management. Lime car have tied up with other car rental provider partners to build a huge fleet of cars. They are one of the really good options for hiring a car in Goa. 

With a very well managed online service they have made the booking system very easy and fast for the people who need to make the booking quickly. Lime car rental has an easy to follow online car booking process which has a lot of easy as compared to traditional car rental companies. A total of 291 reviews and 3.5 aggregate rating on Google makes them a favorite choice for a lot of travelers in Goa who are looking for a more managed car rental service.

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Bhavya North Goa Car Hire

Bhavya North Goa Car Hire in one of the most established car rental services in Goa.  With an amazing 198 reviews and 4.7 aggregate ratings, they are one of the best car rental providers in Goa. They have vast experience and expertise in car rental industry in Goa. 

Bhavya Car hire is a go to choice for the customers who are looking to hire a car near Calangute area as it makes them a very nearby provider with least amount of drop-off and pickup charges for the service. Other than car rentals, they also provide travel booking services and water sports activities. They are a great choice if someone is looking for a full package of all the services included in one basket.

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Goaicar Car Rentals

With an amazing 4.5 stars and 269 reviews, GOICAR becomes one of the top 10 best car rental service providers in Goa. With an easy to use booking process and great customer base, they are one of the best car rental company in Goa. 

What makes GOICAR unique is their car subscription service. They are one of a few car rental providers in Goa who has subscription service for their cars. They are an absolutely amazing choice for travelers who love to hire cars for longer tenures such as a whole month. Their monthly plans are best suited for long term car hiring needs. 

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